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  • 19-07-2018: Il secondo appello della sessione estiva si terrà mercoledì 25-07-2017 alle ore 10:00 presso lo studio del prof. Cardarilli.

Professor: Gian Carlo Cardarilli

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Tel.: +39 06 72597324

Book: Lecture notes

Author: Gian Carlo Cardarilli

Course Program:

  • Introduction to the Telecomunications Systems: Noisy Channel Model, Baseband and Bandpass Modulation, OFDM Modulation, Digital Modulators, Channel Coding
  • Synchronization of Electronics Systems
  • Analog Systems: Phase Locked Loop
  • Digital Systems: Digital Phase Locked Loop
  • Clock Recovery: ADC, Interpolator Systems, Recovery Algorithms
  • Recovery of Phase and Frequency: FFT, Phase Rotation, CORDIC Algorithm
  • Cross-Correlation in complex functions
  • Noise in Modulated Signals
  • Stability in Systems with Feedback
  • Design of PLL with 2nd and 3rd order
  • Filter Bank and Polyphase Decomposition


  • FPGA implementation of digital modulators and demodulators
    • QPSK, BPSK baseband modulators
    • Square root cosine filters
    • DDS
    • Recovery of symbol and carrier
  • HDL design of Filter Banks

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