Last Updates:

  • 09-10-2018: Results of written test of 28-09-2018. The oral exam will be held Thursday 11-10-2018. 
    Download this file (Results_DE_28-09-2018.pdf)Results_DE_28-09-2018.pdf372 kB09-10-2018 13:26
  • 27-09-2018: Results of written test of 20-09-2018. The date for oral exam will be announced in the next days.
  • 23-07-2018: Results of written test of 13-07-2018. The oral exam will be held in 24-07-2018 at 10 in the office of prof. Marco Re.
  • 20-03-2018: The oral exam will be held next monday 26-03-2018 at 14.30 in the office of prof. Marco Re.
  • 16-03-2018: Results of written test of 27-02-2018. In order to take the oral exam contact prof. Marco Re. Please login to download the file.
  • 27-02-2018: The second written test will be held next friday 02/03/2018 at 10 a.m. in the classroom 6.
  • 21-02-2018: Results of written test of 08-02-2018. In order to take the oral exam contact prof. Marco Re. Please login to download the file.
  • 22-01-2018: Results of written test of 22-12-2017. Please login to download the file.
  • 17-10-2017: Tomorrow 18-10-2017 students are invited to partecipate to the seminar titled "New processing architectures using Intel Architectures" that will be held at 11.30 in the Leonardo classroom. The seminar is in Italian Language. 

Professor: Marco Re

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Tel.: +39 0672597370


Tutor: Rocco Fazzolari

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Tel.: +39 0672597810

Reception Hours: Tuesday 15:00 

Course Description


Book: Introduction to Digital Systems

Authors: Milos Ercegovac, Tomas Lang, Jaime H. Moreno

Course Program first part:

  • Specification of Combinational Systems: definitions and specification level, data representation and coding, binary specification of combinational systems.
  • Combinational Integrated Circuits - Characteristics and Capabilities: representation of binary variables, structure and operation of CMOS gates, propagation delays, voltage variations and noise margins, power dissipation and delay-power product, Buses and three-state drivers, circuit characterization of a CMOS-family.
  • Description and Analysis of Gate Networks: definition, description and characteristics, sets of gates.
  • Design of Combinational Systems - two-level gate networks: minimal two-level networks, Karnaugh maps, minimization of sum of products and product of sums, design of multiple-output two-level gate networks, two-level NAND-NAND and NOR-NOR networks, limitations of two-level networks, programmable modules: PLA and PLA.
  • Design of Combinational Systems - Multilevel Gates Networks: transformations, alternative implementations, networks with XOR and XNOR gates, networks with two-input multiplexers.
  • Specification of Sequential Systems: synchronous sequential systems, representation of the state transition and output functions, time behavior and finite state machines, finite memory sequential systems, controllers, equivalent sequential systems and minimization of the number of states, binary specification of sequential systems, specification of different types of sequential systems.
  • Sequential Networks: canonical form, high-level and binary implementations, gated latch and D flip-flop, timing characteristics, analysis of canonical sequential networks, design of canonical sequential networks, other flip-flop modules: SR, JK, T, analysis of networks with flip-flops, design using special state assignments.

Course Program second part:

  • Standard Combinational Modules: Encoders/Decoders, Multiplexers/Demultiplexers, Shifters.
  • Arithmetic Combinational Modules and Networks: Adders, Comparators, Multipliers.
  • Standard Sequential Modules: Registers, Shift Registers, Counters, Multimodule Systems.
  • Data and Control Subsystems: Data Subsystem, Control Subsystem, Microprogrammed Controller.

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